Bad Credit Loans in Canada


Forget traditional lenders! Lend for All is your new best friend when it comes to applying for bad credit loans. While alternative financing helps you get capital easier, our Artificial Intelligence platform optimizes the process, so you can still qualify for a loan even with a bad credit score. We are a company that is true to our word, and we stay dedicated to our mission, which is to ensure you attain your goals.



What Do Lenders Look at for Bad Credit Loans?

Several factors will be verified once you send in your application form. Our reputable lenders will want to know about your credit risk, what your credit score is, the length of your current employment, and income. Credit scores are set within a range of 300 to 900; borrowers with scores below 620 struggle to find viable financing solutions paired with affordable rates.


credit score calculation

Payment History:

Lenders will look at whether credit payments have been made on time, late, or were missed altogether. They’ll refer to your credit reports, which provide a full timeline.

Accounts Owed:

This entails the total amount of money you owe. A credit score demonstrates the ratio of money owed to the amount of credit you have free.

Credit History Length:

A credit score is calculated based on the length of time your oldest and newest accounts have been open, in addition to the overall average.

New Credit:

This pertains to recently opened accounts. Having too many accounts opened within a short timeframe lowers your score and increases your risk.

Credit Mix:

A strong assortment of accounts leads to high credit scores, such as retail accounts, mortgages, credit cards, and installment loans. Our financial experts will design realistic payment methods that suit your paycheque, and help you rebuild your credit. Learn more about bad credit loans in Canada by calling us toll-free at 1-800-532-4505.