What yield do you need to buy to let?

Buy to Let

Buying an investment property is a fantastic way to create wealth and build your capital up. In Canada, and throughout the world, this is a popular technique to improve your net worth. You need to make sure you’re making the right property choice to ensure you turn over a profit from your original down payment. […]

How to Rent-to-Own in Ontario

Rent-to-Own in Ontario

If you’ve been keeping track of housing prices in Canada’s major cities, you know that they have been sharply rising over the past decade or so. While Vancouver is well known for its exorbitant housing prices, Toronto and Montreal are not far behind. This situation has put home ownership out of reach for many Canadians […]

Five Great Uses for a Home Equity Loan

Your home is probably one of the most valuable assets you have. More people are borrowing against their home equity in Canada because it is a relatively easy way to get money fast at a good rate. Tapping the equity in your home can be a good way to access cash quickly, but you should […]