Identifying and Avoiding E-Transfer Scams

E-Transfer Scams

People use online banking more and more, with e-transfers being one of the most used tools to easily send or receive money. Unfortunately, the popularity of e-transfers has attracted criminals who steal money and information from users, most notably by using e-transfer scams. While financial institutions and lending companies continuously find new ways to protect their clients […]

How Do Email Money Transfers Work?

Email Money Transfers

Being able to send funds to loved ones, as well as to businesses, to pay rent, and make direct donations without having to go to the ATM makes life so much easier – but many do not know what email money transfers are. Email money transfers are an inexpensive, quick, and easy way to get […]

How to Get a Fast Cash Loan in Canada

Get a Fast Cash Loan in Canada

What would you do if you needed a large sum of cash for an emergency? Even if you have a decent, stable source of income, sometimes it just isn’t enough to cover an unexpected event like a medical bill, home repair, or major car issue. That’s where quick cash loans come in handy. If you […]

Get The Best Rate for a Line of Credit in Canada

Best Rate for a Line of Credit in Canada

Looking for the best line of credit rates in Canada? You’re not alone. At some point, everyone will need some help with their finances. A line of credit is the perfect extra boost that can help with paying your bills or making that big purchase you’ve been thinking about. Of course, getting the best rate […]

What is the Prime Rate?

Prime Rate

If you’ve ever taken out a loan, spoken to a financial advisor, or had a conversation with a friend about mortgages, you’ve probably heard the term prime rate. The prime rate affects most lending products via credit score, so it’s important to know exactly what it is and how it affects your finances. Prime rate […]

Gross vs Net Income – What is the Difference?

Quick Summary Gross income and net income are similar terms that help explain different financial realities. In most cases, gross income is the total amount of money you make based on your work contract. Net income is what you see on your take home cash after taxes and deductions. Gross income vs net income is thankfully one of […]

How to Get an Unsecured Personal Loan with a Bad Credit?

Over 1 million Canadians end up with a bad credit every year. Having bad credit means it will be difficult to get approved for a credit card, take any kind of loan and sometimes even to get a job. Loan approval in Canada on bad credit It is likely that your chances of getting a […]

8 Credit Solution Tips for Canadians!

Identity Fraud & Credit Fraud

Having good credit is your means to achieve your financial and life goals. However, if you are not careful in paying your debt then bad credit can make things difficult for you. Remember no credit problem is too big or small. All you have to do is try to fix it! With the right credit […]

The Prime Reason You Shouldn’t Borrow Money from Your Bank

Even if you’re not a financial wizard, there’s a good chance that you’ve heard the term “prime rate” during your financial meetings and inquiries with a trusted adviser or a family member. If you find yourself needing a financial loan and are exploring your options, prime rate is an essential factor to take into account […]

Different Types of Loans for Canadians

When looking for a loan it becomes apparent very fast that not all loans are created equal. With different requirements and rates its always to do some research before committing to a loan. There are several types of loan available in Canada. To find out which one fits your needs we have compiled them below […]