Consumer Proposal Payout Loan


Fast-Track Consumer Proposal Exit Loan

What are the benefits of a Fast-Track Loan?

 Many Canadians are in debt, and this can often leave them with no other option than to enter a consumer proposal. Whereas a consumer proposal may be necessary, it can often have a long-lasting effect on your ability to obtain credit, lowering your score and ejecting you from mainstream banking.

Marble is one of Canada’s only companies that specialize in exiting consumer proposals—and in a healthy, sustainable way. Marble’s Fast-Track Loan interest rates are 18.99% to 24.99%, rather than up to 40% as some charge. We manage every step of your exit, including legal documentation.

Consumer proposals can have a significant impact on your financial goals.

Consumer proposals can be a great way to reduce your debt, however it is important that you know the consequences. Generally, a consumer proposal can last up to 8 years on your credit report. As a result, your credit score can drop to 300-500, meaning it will be very hard to get approved credit at lower interest rates. Having a low credit score can leave you with the only option of high-cost lenders such as payday loans or rates above 32%, which often leave you you deeper in debt. Even with regular payments against your consumer proposal, your credit won’t improve. Plus, major banks and credit unions often don’t approve loans to those in a consumer proposal.

By exiting your consumer proposal, we can get you back to mainstream banking and better credit quicker than other methods. Marble can pay off your Fast-Track Loan in 24 months, which will allow you to begin your journey to improving your credit score and your overall financial health quicker.

Fast-Track is an Affordable and responsible way to exit your consumer proposal.

 Marble works with your trustee to pay off all of the consumer proposal debts using a Marble loan that is structured in a payment schedule that is not only affordable but suited to your schedule. Your credit score will instantly increase by 70 points, and you can sleep soundly at night knowing Marble took care of it for you!

  1. Your Fast-Track payments are then reported to the credit bureaus so you can build a better history of financial behavior, thus improving your credit score even more!

With your Lend for All x MyMarble portal, you can improve your credit score even more and reach all of those long-term financial goals.


What do you need for Fast-Track:  

  • Consumer proposal documents and payout schedule from your Trustee
  • Government ID that proves you’re the age of majority in your area (18 – 19+) 
  • Proof that you have a steady job and income (paychecks, etc.) 
  • At least 12 months of good consumer proposal repayments listed on your credit history 
  • Your most recent bank statements 
  • Your proposal’s schedule and payout details (from an Insolvency Trustee) 

Once a loan application is submitted online Marble’s loan department goes to work right away. Most loans are either issued a term sheet outlining the terms of the loan or our loans offices may contact you if they require more information before making a decision. Marble loans are always character-based, so Marble is looking for people who are serious about solving their current financial problems and moving on with their life. Marble communicates the loan application outcome to you on the MyMarble dashboard and via email.


How much does a Consumer Proposal payout loan cost?

The interest rate for Marble’s Fast-Track loan ranges between 18.99% to 29.99%, rather than 40%+ other lenders may charge based on your current creditworthiness. 

Marble’s average interest rate for most of the application is around 22.99% and our APR is always below 32%.

Marble’s average Fast-Track customer pays off their loan in 2 to 3 years. All of our loans are open and you can make additional payments or payout early with no penalties. 

The main benefit that outweighs the interest rate of a Fast-Track loan is that soon after exiting your proposal, you will see a big jump in your credit score meaning you can potentially qualify for significantly lower interest rates than what you’re paying now, saving you thousands each year. 

Do you want to see if you qualify to submit a consumer proposal exit loan? Click here and apply in six easy steps.

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