To say that technology is ingrained in our daily lives is an understatement. Almost every aspect of our lives benefits from technology now. Access to information is easier than ever, and so is communication. Technology also made remote learning and working possible when we had no choice but to keep our distance from each other. Even our daily household chores are made easier by technology. For example, we can book cleaning, food and grocery shopping, and laundry services through mobile phone apps.

It is no wonder that technology also helps us manage our finances better today. A lot of the tasks related to finance management can be tedious and repetitive, and this is where technology comes in. Here are ways how technology can manage and improve your finances.

Bills Payment

Let’s start with the most obvious: automation. A lot of the tasks that sound financial management entail is the tedious, repetitive task of remembering due dates and paying bills on time to avoid penalties and late fees. Technology takes away this worry by allowing you to set calendar reminders on the same day every month. In addition, you can set it up so that the reminders come a few days before the due date to ensure you have leeway. It is also easy to make changes to the reminders should there be changes in your bill dues and deadlines.


Gone are the days when you have to spend a considerable chunk of your lunch break to fall in the bank just to transfer funds or make payments. Instead, technology has enabled us to do our bank errands at the tip of our fingers. So whether you’re on vacation or traveling for business, you can manage your money with ease and security. With mobile banking, it is also convenient to keep track of your account balances, giving a clear picture of where you are financially.


There are financial apps that make budgeting more manageable and more effective. Using pen and paper may be a tried-and-tested budgeting method, but it’s hard to track funds allocation this way. Budgeting apps allow you to view reports and summaries on how much money you spend on the different areas of your budget. Keeping track of the percentages can help you pinpoint where to cut down whenever you need to make adjustments. For example, you are paying for a new loan starting this month. Using a budgeting app, you can easily see if it’s possible to cut down on subscriptions to make way for the new debt payments in the budget.


Investments apps enable you to track the progress of your investments and diversify your portfolio easily. These apps can also find new investment opportunities, track your preferred stocks, and invest money for you. If you invest in cryptocurrency, you can utilize crypto wallets to manage, earn, invest and swap your coins. If you are just starting out on investing, apps can help you invest small amounts of money first until you get the hang of it. Learning to invest is a great way to make your money work for you, helping you grow your wealth over time.


Some say that online shopping apps have made unnecessary spending a lot easier. However, you can use it to your advantage. For example, you can use apps that compare prices across different platforms. In addition, some apps specifically let you find the best local deals in dining, booking accommodations, and other services. Technology has also made couponing easier. Instead of physically cutting your coupons and taking them to the store when you shop, apps allow you to gather, sort, and keep track of your coupons. This convenience can help you get the best deals possible, increasing your savings as you shop for what you need and want.

Tracking Receipts

Some apps let you store copies of your receipts for you. Tracking receipts is one of the most tedious tasks in finance management. However, it is essential as it lets you compare actual purchases against your credit card bills, keep track of your purchases, and claim tax-deductible expenses. In addition, when your receipts are organized, you can make the most of your tax savings and ensure that billing anomalies are caught immediately.


Improving your finances takes discipline, as well as support from the community. Technology, specifically social media, has allowed like-minded people to come together and share best practices. Joining groups and subscribing to newsletters related to financial management can help you stay on track to improving your finances and learn about new opportunities to grow your money. On average, we spend more than a couple of hours on social media anyway, so why not use them to keep ourselves more knowledgeable on finance management?

Final Thoughts

These are just some of the most important ways technology can improve your finances. Making the most of what technology brings us can help us manage this aspect of our lives. Apps and online platforms abound. We need to do due diligence in finding which ones fit our needs.

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