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Who Is LendDirect?

 LendDirect is a company that provides a line of credit to qualified borrowers. Their service is an unsecured personal loan, where you can access funds up to $15,000 without cash advance fees. Unlike loans with fixed terms, LendDirect provides money on an ongoing basis, in the amounts you need. You can apply for the service online and LendDirect also has physical branches throughout Southern Ontario. They also accept clients from all over Canada except Quebec, Yukon and Nunavut.

You’ll have access to your funds via direct deposit given your application is approved. Within one business day you’ll unlock an open-ended line of credit. If accepted, you can borrow money up until an amount that’s determined by your credit score and other factors. If you need money quickly and you reach out during business hours (Monday to Friday), it’s possible to get funding by e-Transfer within 15 minutes of approval.

Steps To A Personal Line of Credit

Follow the steps below to start the process of applying for your personal line of credit.

Step 1: Complete Online Application

You can apply online for LendDirect personal line of credit without ever leaving your home. You can also opt to head over to a local branch. The application will ask for your personal information along with any relevant financial documents.

Step 2: Proof of Income

You’ll need to verify your source of income by submitting the appropriate documents (pay stub, etc).

Step 3: Lending Verification

After you finish your application and submit all your documents, LendDirect will double check everything. In this step, you’ll wait for a decision.

Step 4: Money Transfer

After being accepted by LendDirect you’ll be given access to your funds within two hours. You can choose between direct deposit or e-Transfer.

Step 5: Start Payments

Once you borrow, you need to make regular, on-time payments. The more you pay, the more you save in interest.

Step 6: Access Funds as Needed

Your line of credit is like a bank account, if you keep making payments, you can continue to borrow as long as you stay under the maximum amount.

Why do I need a Line of Credit?

When facing unexpected expenses, a personal line of credit can be a helpful lifeline. LendDirect can make emergency funds appear that deal with things like sudden car repairs or dental surgery. Working with LendDirect will make it possible to achieve financial goals like choosing to consolidate your debt.

Pay Overdue Bills

Paying bills late will come with a slew of late fees that can quickly feel overwhelming. Rather than juggling what to pay this month, you can use LendDirect’s personal line of credit to clear up everything and keep your services.

Consolidate Credit Cards

Credit card debt will creep up on you with ever growing minimum payments, often forgotten while planning budgets. You can use your personal line of credit to consolidate credit card debt into a single source. LendDirect will help you manage your debt with a single interest rate and a payment schedule you can handle.

Unlock Large Purchases

Pushing back necessary home repairs or getting pricey medical gear can often be a reality, and a personal line of credit can help. LendDirect gets you the money you need to finance any expense.

How to Qualify With LendDirect

It’s easy to qualify for a personal line of credit through LendDirect. It takes less than 5 minutes to complete the entire application process. The best part is customer service is there to answer any questions you may have along the way.

You’ll need documents to prove you meet the minimum requirements to qualify with LendDirect:

  • Stating you are a Canadian resident between 18 and 70 years of age
  • Stating you have been employed a duration of 3 months minimum
  • Stating your income is above $1,500 a month
  • Stating you have access to direct deposit in an active bank account.

After your approval, you’ll gain access to your loan on the same day (as long as you are within business hours). You can choose to receive an Interac e-Transfer or you can set up direct deposit. Your personal line of credit will be available on an ongoing basis with an open-ended repayment schedule.

How to Apply For A Personal Loan With LendDirect

You can head directly you the LendDirect webpage to apply online for a personal loan or customers can visit a local branch in southern Ontario. It’s recommended to apply online, which can be confirmed within 60 minutes, then to go in person where approval times can reach two hours.

Be advised, to appy at a LendDirect brand, you’ll need to bring the following financial and personal documents:

  • Valid Government Issued ID (Driver’s License, Passport, etc.)
  • Proof of income (Recent pay stub, etc.)
  • Recent bank statements
  • A VOID cheque or pre-authorized debit form

Your chances of approval are linked to having a good income and a decent financial history. It’s easy to apply with LendDirect and there’s no harm or impact to seeing if you qualify for a line of credit.

What Features In A LendDirect Line of Credit Beat Competitors?

LendDirect has customer service specialists on hand to answer any questions when you apply for a personal line of credit. It’s important to make sure you understand the terms that any lender offers.

There are several benefits in getting a line of credit from LendDirect, these include:

  • Access to credit amounts of up to $15,000 with accessible approval requirements
  • Ongoing access to unlimited funds within your approved credit limit (only apply once)
  • With a valid reason or insufficient funds there are courtesy payment extensions
  • Interest charged is solely based and there aren’t any fixed payment amounts

Paying your balance early is allowed without prepayment penalty

LendDirect FAQs

What is the difference between LendDirect and a bank?

LendDirect is classified as an alternative lending institution. Unlike banks, they take a more relaxed approach to lending criteria, making personal loans available for those who can’t find approval with traditional lenders.

Are there penalties for missing payments?

Should you end up missing a payment, a “past due” balance will appear on your account. There may also be a late fee and a possible increase in your interest rate. These payments are like any other bill and not paying on time will negatively impact your credit, thankfully most lenders will wait 30 days to flag this to the credit bureau. If you foresee any issues with paying on time, you can contact LendDirect ahead of time to work out an arrangement and keep your records in good standing.

How fast will I receive my funds after approval?

LendDirect uses direct deposit and e-Transfer to transfer your money. When choosing to work with e-Transfer the cash will arrive in as little as 15 minutes. Please note, direct deposit can take up to 2 business days.

Personal Line of Credit

  • Loan Amount
    • $15,000 Maximum
  • Rates & Term Length
    • Interest Rates Range:
      • 19.99% APR
    • Loan payment schedule
      • Ongoing as needed
    • Service Details
      • Loan Processing Time
        • As quick as 15 minutes and up to 2 business days (depending on funding method)
      • Money Transfer Method
        • Interac e-Transfer ($10,000 limit)
        • Direct Deposit
      • Repayment Method
        • Automatic debit
      • Eligibility
        • Age range: 18-70
        • Permanent Canadian Citizen
        • Steady income source
        • Active bank account
      • Required documentation
        • Government-issued ID
        • Proof of income

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