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Who is Marble Financial?

Marble Financial is a group of forward-thinking financial technology experts who understand that Canadians occasionally need help in achieving longer-term financial health. Through our personal finance platform MyMarble, alongside our industry-leading proprietary technology solutions, Fast Track and MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up, and our financial education platform Maestro, we guide our customers back to optimal financial fitness. Since 2016, we are proud to have empowered thousands of Canadians to a positive financial future and continue to establish ourselves as a leader in financial wellness.

What is MyMarble?

MyMarble is an AI-driven personal finance trainer that offers real-time plans and recommendations to make a positive impact on your overall financial health.

MyMarble accurately finds you the right plan that fits your lifestyle and allows you to take charge of your financial habits with MyMarbles data-driven and personalized recommendations. MyMarble empowers you to follow a step-by-step financial fitness plan and recommends to you specific actions you can take to improve your financial health. Depending on where you are in your journey, there are four MyMarble plans you can choose from; Freemium, Basic, Pro and Premium. Each plan will provide you with either Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Master recommendations on how you can improve your financial fitness.

What Do I Need to Qualify For MyMarble?

MyMarble is based online and operates in all of Canada, excluding Quebec. To qualify, you will need to be above the age of majority in your respective province/territory (18-19 years of age).

What Are the Benefits Of MyMarble?

The MyMarble Dashboard provides many benefits to ensure you reach your financial goals. Through our data-driven financial technology, MyMarble analyzes your connected bank account to provide you with recommendations on ways you can better your budget, pay down debt faster and improve your credit score. Depending on your plan, MyMarble will provide you with different levels of personalized recommendations on ways you can improve your financial fitness.

Tracking Your Spending Habits & Trends

With MyMarble, you can analyze your monthly spending reports, look at an overview of your account, and track your monthly habits and trends. The MyMarble platform allows you to visualize your spending month-to-month on a graph to track historical trends in your spending.

Monitoring Your Credit Score

Keeping track of your credit score is now easier than ever with MyMarble. The platform provides you with your monthly credit score, helping you follow your journey in reaching your target credit score.

Personalized Insights and Recommendations

Are you looking to get out of debt, improve your credit score or become financially responsible? Well, included in whichever MyMarble Plan you choose, our software will provide you with different levels of personalized recommendations on better ways you can spend your income to help you reach your goals.

MyMarble provides you with personalized insights and recommendations, highlighting opportunities to help you achieve your debt-free goals and increase your credit score. Alongside this, you will have quick access to our Maestro Financial Literacy Platform, allowing you to learn about debt, credit and budgeting in our skills testing educational environment.

MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up Point Deduction Technology©

If you choose the MyMarble Premium plan, you will gain access to our Score-Up technology. MyMarble Premiums Score-Up is a financial technology solution that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to accurately provide you with a clear path to reach their credit goals. MyMarble Premiums Score-Up uses Point Deduction Technology©, to provide you with specific recommendations on how you can reach your target credit score.

In addition, you will have access to the Point & Budget Simulators. For example, let’s say you have a target credit score of 800 – the point simulator will provide you with a clear step by step guide on specific actions you can take to achieve your desired credit score. When using the budget simulator, you can increase your credit all within your own budget. Let’s say you have $200 spare at the end of the month – select this on the budget simulator, and the software will provide you with specific actions you can take to increase your score using your  preferred budget.

How Does MyMarble Work?

The first step to beginning your journey with MyMarble is to sign-up, choose a pricing plan that suits you and connect your primary bank account. You will then gain access to an overview of your monthly spending habits, trends and check your credit score. Our artificial intelligence and data-driven technology will analyze your personal banking data to provide you with specific recommendations on how you can improve your bottom line. You can view the breakdown of how you are spending your income, and how much of it you are spending on your fixed expenses, flexible expenses and debt payments.

What Are The Solutions MyMarble Offers?

Maestro Financial Literacy Platform

Maestro provides you with free access to our online courses to help you understand the three crucial areas of your finances: debt, credit and budgeting. With over 25 different modules, you can learn about many various aspects of your finances through our video and educational content and test your knowledge through our skill-testing quizzes.

While actively tracking your debt, credit score and monthly reports through MyMarble, our Maestro courses will help you apply this new knowledge to your finances.  Each course has been designed and curated by personal finance experts with many years’ experience assisting customers within the finance industry to help provide you with practical skills to improve your financial well-being.

MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up

MyMarble’s Score-Up is artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technology that accurately predicts the best practices for a consumer by analyzing over ten years’ worth of credit data to improve your credit score.

Unlike other credit improvement software, MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up leaves you with no more guessing on how to improve your score by providing you with a clear and personalized path so you can reach your target credit score. Whereas most ‘free credit score’ providers will allow you to check your score, they often lack the sophistication to tell you exactly how to achieve those extra credit points.


Marble is one of Canada’s only companies that specialize in exiting consumer proposals—and in a healthy, sustainable way. Our Fast-Track Loan interest rates are 18.99% to 24.99%, rather than up to 40% as some charge. We manage every step of your exit, including legal documentation.

By exiting your consumer proposal, we can get you back to mainstream banking and better credit quicker than other methods. You can pay off your Fast-Track Loan in 24 months, which will allow you to begin your journey to improving your credit score and your overall financial health quicker.

Secured Future Credit Plan

A good credit score is an important part of your financial fitness. It allows you to avail of better interest rates and loan terms and ensures you have no roadblocks when you’re looking to gain any type of financing. With the Secured Future Credit Plan, you can improve credit by making monthly payments to us, which we report to both credit bureaus, Equifax & TransUnion.

By making monthly payments to us, you are contributing towards building your own savings fund. At the end of the program, you can withdraw your savings of $2,000 or $3,000 cash. No fuss. And at any time during the plan, if you’re happy with your improved credit and accumulated savings, you can withdraw your contribution.

The Secured Future Credit Plan is not a cash loan. At the end of the program, you can withdraw all the money you have contributed, except the interest rate of 13.99% and an administration fee of $400. An easy way to accumulate your own cash while improving your credit score!

How Much Does MyMarble Cost?

There are four different MyMarble plans you can choose from. You can sign-up monthly, or for 3 months (save 10%), 6 months (save 15%) or 1 year (save 25%). You can find more about pricing at

  • Freemium – $FREE
  • Basic – $9.99
  • Pro – $19.99
  • MyMarble Premium (which includes Score-Up) – $29.99

Here is the breakdown of cost for Maestro and Fast-Track”

Maestro Educational Platform – Free

Fast-Track – 18.99% to 24.99%

MyMarble FAQ

What Are Some Examples Of Marble Success Stories?

We recently conducted a case study to discover the customer journey with Marble. We focused on our customer’s current financial situation, financial goals, and how Marble’s solution helped achieve these goals.

In measuring success, our customer Rich chose MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up program as a solution to help him achieve his financial goals. These goals included learning more about credit to utilize his existing accounts and to improve his credit score to open more opportunities for his financial future. Combining the proprietary technology, the user-friendly interface and our Credit Expert Team, Rich has been able to work towards his goals throughout his time on the program and continues to do so today. He is also closely following Score-Up’s recommendations every month to maximize the number of points he can gain.

Rich joined Score-Up in August 2020 and has been an active member for five months. In the beginning, Rich approached MyMarble searching for a way to get his accounts in order. His credit score was 480, which is considered sub-prime and high risk.

As a result of closely following the recommendations provided by MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up, Rich has logged in to the software over 152 times in just five months to help reach his credit goals. His most recently updated credit score is 663 – this is an increase of 183 points. We feel Rich is a perfect example of a Marble success story – he set himself clear financial goals, followed MyMarble’s recommendations and achieved them quickly.

What Are Common Customer Pain Points?

When a customer contacts us at Marble, we often find they have a wide range of pain points and problems they wish for us to solve. These pain points result from a financial goal that they are struggling to achieve.

Our customers’ common pain point is that they’re struggling to gain loan or credit card approval. Firstly, we find that many customers are not aware of how their credit score may affect this and requires further credit education too. From here, we guide our customers to our MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up to help them improve their credit score and, in time, achieve their financial goals.

Another common pain point for our customers would be that they’re stressed because of debt or unsure how to handle their debt, finding it’s affected their credit score too. Nearly every customer wants to be debt-free but is often unsure how to eliminate debt and improve credit. Combined with this, our customers have many different types of debt, such as car loans, personal loans, credit card debt and more. This goal requires them to find a solution to manage their debt without losing track and their payments and further damaging their score.

We recommend our customers sign-up for MyMarble as a solution – this will allow them to track and monitor their spending and credit standing, alongside gaining access to our Maestro courses. These courses will help our customers successfully manage and eventually eliminate their debt and ease this financial burden.

What Are Common Customer Goals?

In contrast to the pain points, many customers approach us with a wide range of goals they wish to achieve to improve their overall financial health.

Firstly, our Marble customers commonly aim to achieve optimal credit health by improving their credit score and are searching for ways to improve the chances of loan or credit approval. Secondly, many customers want to eliminate their debt and learn how to manage their debt by exploring budgeting solutions. Likewise, when a customer experiences a debt problem, they often experience a low credit score. In contrast, we often see customers wanting to seek a solution and improve their credit score.

As a result, our customers are often eager to learn more through educational tools about their finances to help them achieve these goals. Through MyMarble, MyMarble Premium’s Score-Up, Fast-Track and Maestro, we can provide a wide range of customers a solution to help them achieve their financial goals.