Second Mortgage Loans in Canada

When opportunity knocks, and you think it’s time to invest in your business or make a big-ticket purchase, Lend for All is at your disposal. We provide a second mortgage for Canada-wide residents through our lending platform—it’s Canada’s first Artificial Intelligence platform! It significantly increases approval rates, which means you will be connected to a lender faster. Lendforall Canada can match you with a licensed broker or lender in your province.

Lend for All’s lending platform ensures the safety and security of your personal data to give you peace of mind and a way to finance your second mortgage in Canada. We’ve streamlined the loan application process; it’s simple with six steps that can be completed in minutes!

Why Choose a Second Mortgage Loan?

Choosing a second mortgage loan is a big responsibility. Not only are you accountable for paying both your first and second mortgages, but you need to be mindful that a second mortgage has higher interest rates, a smaller timeframe (maximum 15 years), and a balloon payment at the end of the term.

On the other hand, a second mortgage loan is beneficial because it allows you access to funds for:

    • Debt consolidation
    • Home renovations
    • Business and property investments
    • Wedding, education, and medical expenses
    • Mortgage, tax arrears, and consumer proposal payments

Lend for All’s financial experts can provide personalized and flexible payment methods, so you can achieve your goals faster and quicker. We are committed to you every step of the way.

Getting a Second Mortgage Loan with Bad Credit

The fear of rejection is heightened when you have bad credit, but you can’t let it stop you from submitting your application. When you apply through Lend for All, we work with you to find a solution. Additionally, your loan terms will be much better if your loan-to-value (LTV) ratio is 80% or lower—that’s the total amount you owe on your mortgages divided by the appraised value of your home. Our financial experts are available online 24/7 to help you get a second mortgage in Canada, or contact us toll-free at 1-800-532-4505.

Frequently Asked Questions

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